I’m Supporting Someone

The person has chosen to trust you at this moment and share something with you. It would have been difficult for them to share their experience & you may feel daunted, but there are practical things you can do and ways to help keep yourself safe.

If the person has just been assaulted:

Make sure that you are both in a safe place, if you are not, and unable to get there then dial 999 and tell them you are not safe and are unable to find somewhere safe.

  • If they have any life-threatening injuries dial 999, but otherwise it is more important that they are in a safe place for a few hours.
  • Try keeping them warm as they may be in shock.
  • They may need to be checked over by a specialist nurse practitioner, and any forensic samples can be taken at this time. The person does not need to have any forensic tests if they don’t want to, and they can access emergency medication without reporting anything.
  • The details of the South Yorkshire specialist centre can be found here

If the person was assaulted in the past:

They have chosen to disclose this to you now as they trust you; if you are the first person they have told try and write down what was said as soon as you can and store it somewhere private. If they choose to report to the Police this may help with an investigation. Remember that it is their story to tell and should be treated with respect.

If you think that someone else may be in danger, this should be reported to protect them. Dial 101 or complete the anonymous reporting form

The person may not want to do anything more about what happened to them at this point, but you may have questions of your own and need support. The details can be found here.

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