What is an ISVA

ISVA is an acronym for ‘Independent Sexual Violence Advocate/Advisor’

Our ISVA service offers practical help, advice & information for victims of rape and sexual abuse and their families.

An ISVA is trained to look after your needs in a non-judgemental way, and to ensure that you receive care and understanding.

A CHISVA is trained to support children who have been assaulted and will work within a multi-agency team (whilst remaining independent) to ensure that people are kept safe.

They will help you understand how the criminal justice process works, and will explain things to you, such as what will happen if you report to the police.

The CH/ISVA will provide you with information so that you can make the right decision for you. By contacting them, you are not expected to report any offence to the police.

Although you may not want to tell anyone what has happened, you may need to see a trained health professional who can check that you will not suffer any health complications including STI’s and pregnancy. Find out more here.

What does an ISVA do?

Who can access ISVA support?

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